Sunday, 13 May 2012

Gen. 1 Chapter 3

Hey there! Just to warn you, this chapter is packed with a lot of information coming at you really fast. Why? Because I'm impatient.
Anyways!  When we last saw Olga, she was on a wonderful date with her brand new beau, Marc.  I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger, so now it's finally time to see how the rest of the evening went down..

Only moments after officially asking Marc to go steady, Olga decided to invite him back to her place..bold move there, girl! Especially considering she basically lives in a swamp shack. But hey, to each their own..
"So dis is meh crib...I know, I's amazin'," 
"Oh wow, it's...lovely..really uhm, eccentric" .

Being the courteous hostess we know she is, Olga decided to prepare a wonderful meal for Marc. Let's just call  them gourmet hot dogs..
Okay, so she's no five star chef, but at least she tried. A for effort! In fact, she gained a cooking skill point in the process, so she's on her way!

While the love birds enjoyed their meal, Olga though it would be appropriate to bring up the subject of marriage completely out of the blue.
"So Marc, I'm thinkin' we needda consider a budget for our weddin'...I got 64 bucks" 
Apparently Marc was a little taken back by this because he began to choke...

Poor, naive Olga didn't get the hint though.  So there she went in the middle of the kitchen floor.. she got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of her backside..where she got the money for that, I'll never know. 
For a second, Marc just stood there in shock..uh oh..this can't go well..
"Marc Brandt..I LUV YOU, Let's get married n' have lotsa babies!" 

"I will! I love you too Olga Ugbutters!" 
Well..would you look at that! I have to admit I was little worried there for a second. I guess there really is someone out there for everyone *tear*! Anyways, the rest of the night went pretty much how you would expect..if you know what I mean.. 

..But we won't get into the details with that part of the story..

Unfortunately, Marc had to leave early that morning to head off to work...or at least, that's what I assumed when he said he had to be "somewhere else". From there the morning didn't go so well..Olga ended up breaking the sink, and the television, and due to spending her little household funds on the overdue bills, she didn't have the money to hire a repairman.

Olga spend most of her day off doing the household chores- laundry, licking dirty plates clean, mopping, attempting to repair the know the drill. That is, until she began to feel nauseous..
"Uh oh...Batten down deh hatches..I'm about to 'esplode!" Charming..really.

All nauseousness  aside, Olga decided she would take this time to plan her wedding, which she promtly scheduled for that afternoon at 4. Hey..we like to get things done fast around here. ;)
Unfortunately, it took me until now to realize that Olga didn't have any other friends, and therefore there was no one to invite to the nuptials. Oh well..private wedding it is!

When Marc got off work for the day, Olga invited him over once again and  proposed to him that he move in with her. After last nights escapades, I figured living together before marriage was no big deal...;D
Without giving it a second though, Marc accepted. I was a little disappointed with what he had to bring with him though..I'd hoped he would being enough money to set up a half decent arrangement for their wedding with some to spare for a little renovation...let's just say, he didn't..

Apparently somewhere along the line, Marc had adopted a large dog by the name of Zoe. Let's be honest, in a house with only two rooms, there's no extra space for a dog. I also found out that he has no skills whatsoever, and to top it all off, he'd recently gotten fired from his job. Wow Olga, you sure know how to pick 'em. *sigh*. 

On the bright side though, I did give Marc a bit of a makeover and I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I was finally able to get rid of that awful blue beard and blush. Hurray! And I think Olga was digging the new look too;

So as planned, Marc and Olga had a quaint little private ceremony that afternoon in the park.
..Okay, so it wasn't exactly the fairy tale wedding every little girl dreams of; but Olga's not exactly your average girl, so the park venue and lack of guests was good enough for her! On the plus side; the pictures turned out quite well as their ceremony overlooked the lakefront...
'daww! True love *Tear* Aren't they adorable? appears as though Marc was having some second thoughts about the marriage...what's the matter, Marc? Finally realized what you've gotten yourself into? I have to say, I'm not sure starting a legacy with a guy who has commitment issues is the best idea..hah
"Seriously? I don't even get a say in this..!?"
Anyways! The newlyweds enjoyed their wedding night at home, since of course they couldn't afford to travel abroad on a fancy honeymoon, no matter how much Olga dreamed of it. They had no problem with it though, enjoying some mac and cheese before settling in for the night.

We'll find out more next time! Thanks for reading Chapter 3 of PUDT. I hope you enjoyed it- and stay tuned for Chapter 4!

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