Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gen. 1 Chapter 1 - the PUDT Legacy

Welcome to a little story I would like to call The Pretty, the Ugly, and the Downright Terrifying.. the PUDT for short. I suppose you could call it an uglacy..but this has a bit of a twist to it because we won't be following the traditional rules here (rules are meant to be broken right? ;D ) Anyway, you see..we're going to be starting out with our lovely founder, Ms. Olga Ugbutters and breeding two uhm..entirely different strands of genetics. The pretties, and the uglies. That means each generation will have two heirs which we will follow in their jouney to breed in the ugly in one case, and breed out the ugly in the other, until the end where we will have two very distant..cousins? With polar opposite appearances. Make sense? No? You'll get it as we go along then. ^-^
Let the games begin!

(brace yourself.)

Viola! Meet Olga Ugbutters, She's one gorgeous creature isn't she now? And it doesn't help that as soon as I moved her in, she began to stick her tongue out and pant like a dog. I would tell her to save herself the embarrassment, but I don't think there's any hope for her at this point.

Only the finest for our founder...I went right ahead and purchased this little slice of heaven for dearest Olga. I might be crazy but I think I see some similarities in appearance.. As you can tell, this beautiful vista is located in twinbrook..which, I figured would be the most suitable for an uglacy after all. ;)

Upon moving in, Olga headed straight to the fridge for some ice cream which she promptly choked on and then burped up. So I suppose now would be an appropriate time to tell you her traits. First of all, as she displayed here, she is a slob. She's also inappropriate, insane, a loser and a kleptomaniac. I think the klepto trait will come in handy during these humble beginnings...seeing as her house is nearly empty and so far Olga has no interest in getting a job. Her lifetime wish is "Possession is nine tenths of the law" in other words..she's gunna steal a lot of stuff.

I decided that the criminal career was the obvious choice to go hand in hand with her lifetime wish, so I sent her over to "Llama Corp. shipping co." to apply for a job since the papergirl was taking way too long. Olga decided it would be appropriate to show up in this little ensemble.   Thankfully, the criminals at the warehouse held no prejudice towards her and she got the job as a decoy.

Olga decided that it would be okay to call and chat up her boss, whom of course she has never met. But a good relationship with the boss never hurts, right? So I decided I would get a head start on her career and have her invite him out.

While Olga was chatting with "Lang Gwydd" and his sexy mustache, an old man hobbled by with a cane, who also happened to sport a mustache and a look of fright.
"Do you have a problem, sir? Ohh..don't you act like you've never seen an ugly sim live in twinbrook!"
Things didn't go to well with Lang, though. It appears as though he insulted her about her lack of exercise.. apparently weight is a sensitive subject for Olga, because she proceeded to yell at him until he walked away unfazed by the ordeal.

Disgruntled and humiliated, Olga began to talk to herself in the middle of the park Eerily enough, it seemed like she was yelling directly at my screen which is a tad frightening. 

*Facepalm*. There are no words..
Anyways, Olga spend the rest of the afternoon wandering aimlessly around the park, stopping only to talk to  herself and flail around wildly for no particular reason, as shown above. After getting heckled a few times I decided it would be best to send her home before her mood dropped significantly.

The wild flailing continued, and soon enough Olga was literally stuffing her face with a bowl of soup.
With the $276 Olga had left in her life savings, I decided to splurge of a television, which is now conveniently located directly in front of the dresser. It had to be done though...after all she needed some form of entertainment. I was getting a little worried about the amount of time she was spending talking to herself. Additionally I purchased a hanging fern simply because it cost $15, leaving Olga with absolutely no money what so ever. I'm cruel.
The rest of the evening was fairly consisted of doing laundry, watching television and napping. That is, until night fell and Olga decided to put her klepto skills to the test..

Olga headed out into town via taxi, where she met Anna-liza Riddle.. who she kindly introduced herself to before sneaking into her house while she slept. Of all things, Olga choose to swipe up a painting..
"Look at meeh, I'm so diabolical..they'll neva notice meh in their well-lit livin' room.."
You know Olga, you don't even have a single penny to your name. If you're going to steal something it should be a little more useful than that..

After continuing to steal two lamps, Olga proceeded to help herself to some ice cream and a hot shower before she left the Riddle's residence. All the while, poor old Anna-Liza slept peacefully in her bed. Which brought my attention to the fact that poor Olga was exhausted from her first day of existence, so I sent her home to get some rest. Sleep tight Olga..tomorrow you'll begin your journey of finding a man who will voluntarily father your future children!

..good luck...

Well, this concludes the first Chapter of PUDT! I hope you enjoyed the beginning of our little Prettacy/Uglacy tale. Check back for updates soon! <3

-Much love, Little Glitters.


  1. Enjoyed Olga's first day. Thumbs up!


  2. You have given my inspiration <3 (Yes I'm going to steal your idea, but just for person fun.... I'm a naughty evil sim)