Saturday, 21 April 2012

Gen. 1 Chapter 2- The PUDT Legacy

Welcome to chapter 2 of 'The Pretty the Ugly and the Downright Terrifying' Legacy! When we left off before, Olga has just settled into bed after a tiring first day of life.

Rise and shine sleepy head! Olga woke up bright and early to get a head start on the day- after all, she's dead broke and needs to get a jump start on that job performance. Coincidentally, while preparing her breakfast waffles, Olga rolled the wish to travel abroad..haha...dream on..

"WHYY...why cruel world...?!?" *sob*
Apparently all that daydreaming distracted poor Olga because she ended up burning her waffles to a crisp...and then proceeded to cry about it.But of course, she ate them anyway and seemed to enjoy them just fine..

Pressed for time, our classy founder took a sponge bath in the middle of the living room *shudders*

Squeaky clean, Olga headed off to her first day of work as a decoy. *Tear* I'm so proud! Here's to the beginning of a long 50 some odd years!
"...Excuse me? When deh men see me, they'll come running...I'm gonna be a trophy wife."
Awh, Olga, you really are a dreamer aren't you?

Since part of her job is to gain athletic skill, I thought it might be helpful to send Olga to the gym after work to shape up..and who knows, maybe she'll run into a hot gym-goer? *wink wink, nudge nudge*. Anyways, she seemed to enjoy herself there, falling occasionally...

Well what do you know? Only moments after Olga arrived, this guy showed up and began running on the treadmill next to her. Hes not..totally hideous, and he happened to fall quite often there's one thing they happen to have in common!

Olga introduced herself...but started off on a bad note, speaking madness and making her signature awkward faces, which appeared to frighten poor Marc. Once again Olga was insulted by a total stranger because Marc told her she was creepy...the nerve! I can't possibly imagine why.. 

After chatting for a little while though, Marc seemed to warm up to Olga and they began to get to know each other. I have to say, she does grow on you..almost one of those "so ugly it's cute" kind of situations. Soon Olga gathered the courage (which, as an inappropriate and insane sim, probably didn't take much..) to ask Marc if he was single.
"Soooo..yanno, I know I'm hard to resist but I don't date married men..." The answer? Single. Bam! Although if he wasn't I'm sure it wouldn't have stopped this chica!

Stomach growling, Olga decided to form a group with Marc and go to a local fast food restaurant in their sweat romantic. But hey, whatever floats your boat. Marc didn't seem to mind it and things appeared to be working out..

In fact..their little outing seemed to go really well, because afterwards Olga and Mark shared their first kiss! D'aww. Puppy love!

~              ~            ~

Later that night...or..morning rather, while Olga was sound asleep in her bed, she was woken up by a cell phone call. It was Marc.
..gosh, doesn't he know the 2 day rule?...Someone's a llittle desperate. But in Olga's case, I guess that's a good thing. She seemed a little put-off by it though, because when she answered she just cringed and hung up. 

Before heading off to work, Olga decided to grab and ice cream from the creepy ice cream truck which has been parked outside her house since 3:00am. The truck somehow looks much creepier in Twinbrook than any other town, but she wasn't fazed by it in the slightest.

When Olga was done work for the day...without the promotion she was hoping for.., I decided she should call Marc and ask him out on a proper date. "Hey der Marc! So listennn...I know I'm a bit outta yur league. but I think we should go on a nuther' date..." After a quick makeover and a new outfit, she was ready for the night- go get em', gorgeous!

Olga and Marc went to the Red Rendevouz-  a step up from the burger joint they went to last night.. Apparently he's in the military, because he decided to show up in his army pants and shirt. "Mmmm..I luv meh a man in uniform". Marc took notice to Olga's new look too.. 
"Wow! You look uhm..a little better,.."
"Are you kiddin' meh? I'm smokin' "

The evening was going splendidly- lots of dancing, chatting, and getting to know each other. (I'm a little worried that Marc's going to loose his face in that last picture..)

After spending some time at the Red Rendevous, Olga invited Marc outside to watch the stars. "See dat one? I'm pretty sure dat's meh home planet.."
How sweet..and, since the moment seemed right...She asked him to go steady, to which he accepted. But I have to say, he looked a little hesitant due to his apparent commitment issues. Great..

Okay,, this is a legacy, and you all know what that means. Yep, that's right-  spontaneous proposals, impromptu weddings, and lots of babies . It has to happen sooner or later..

But we'll leave that for the next chapter. ;)
Thanks for reading Gen. 1 Chapter 2 of the PUDT! I hope you enjoyed it, and stray tuned for chapter 3!


  1. Olga.

    Did you form her facial features with a mod or is EA just crazy enough to make that big of features on Sims?

    Anyways, love your writing. Bookmark'd on and on Blogger! Keep up da' work <3

    1. Aha thank you! Yes, I used mods for her face because EA's sliders just weren't extreme enough ;D I'm curious to see how the game deals with it in terms of genetics. We'll see!